Visiting Professor Oleh Dr. Ni Putu Tirka Widanti

Salah satu dosen Pascasarjana dan juga Kaprodi Magister Ilmu Administrasi baru-baru ini melakukan perjalanan sebagai visiting professor ke New Delhi, India ke Amity School of Languages. Sebagai apresiasi, kepala departement mengirimkan surat elektronik sebagai berikut:

1) Dr. Ni Putu Tirka Widanti an academician, social worker and an entrepreneur with great credential and honours formally joined ASL and Amity Fraternity on Nov 13th. Her appointment as Adjunct Professor in ASL , AUH had been approved by CVI Sir.. She stayed in AUH from 11-15th November 2017 and left for Indonesia on 15th evening.

2) On 13th of November, Dr. Widanti was formally handed over the appointment letter by the Hon. VC, , Prof. P B Sharma. After her appointment, she called on DVC, Registrar and other senior functionaries followed by an informal interactive session with ASL faculty..

3) ASL used this opportunity to start an annual series of lecture/workshop by the name of GenSen concerning Gender issue and in particular Women issues. Dr. Widanti facilitated the workshop and shared her knowledge with all the registered participants of the workshop as well as the faculty and students of ASL. . The report of the workshop is appended .

4) She also called on Hon.PVC and discussed important issues concerning bilateral cooperation between AUH and Indonesian universities as well as the institutions managed by her.
5) A meeting was also organised with Director admissions to explore the possibility of admission of Indonesian students in AUH.

Out Come:
a) Initially start with an Immersion programme for Indonesian students in AUH, the course content will be decided in consultation with Dr. Widanti and will include Yoga , language, Business etc.
b) Introduce Indonesian corner in AUH Library with help of Indonesian Embassy in Delhi and further develop contacts with the Indonesian Embassy.
c) Start Diploma course in Indonesian Language from next Academic session
d) Organise a study tour to Bali for our students from School of Hospitality to study the hospitality facilities and environment in Bali as it is a favourite destination for Tourists world over.
e) Field trip by our students from environment school to study Green environment in Bali .
f) Explore the possibility of signing MOUs with more Indonesian University for joint research and exchange of faculty and students. More areas of cooperation will be explored
g) Dr. Widanti will inform and assist in making all out efforts to promote admission of Indonesian students in AUH by facilitating participation of AUH in Education promotion conferences/seminars /fairs etc in Indonesia.
For information Pl.

Warm Regards,
Prof. Ashok Tiku
Amity School of Languages
Amity Education Valley,Gurgaon (manesar), Haryana-122413