UNR News: Japan Academic Network To Enhance The Better Postgraduate Education And Research System In Postgraduate Program Of Universitas Ngurah Rai

Continued successful implementation of the international event, which held by the Postgraduate Graduate Program of Universitas Ngurah Rai, Denpasar, in last February, namely the 3rd International Conference on Public Organization, also, Prof. Dr. Azhari Aziz Samudra, M.Sc  as the Director of Postgraduate Program was selected to be the President of the international organization in the field of public affairs and policy named APSPA (Asia Pacific Society for Public Affairs).

Related to the campus internationalization program efforts this time, from 13 to May 19, 2013 Postgraduate Program of Universitas Ngurah Rai received an invitation for a visit and discuss for a strategic cooperation plans with the two leading universities in Japan. Nara Prefectural University is the first university in Osaka, and the second university is Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. At Nara University, Postgraduate Program Director which followed by Dr. Ni Putu Tirka Widanti, Dr. Abdullah Sumrahadi and Nyoman Diah Dewi Utari, S.Sos, MAP has been very warm welcome and respectfully accepted by the President of the campus (or rector in Indonesia), Prof. Tadamichi Ito and his staff; Prof. Masanori Nishida (Dean, Faculty of Regional Promotion), Dr. Hideki Kido, Dr. Eriko Kameyama and Dr. Shihoko Kobayashi (Manager of Global Communication Center).

Picture 1: PPs UNR team pose with President of Nara Prefectural University, Prof. Tadamichi Ito

Picture 2: PPs UNR team is reviewing the Nara Prefectural University Library

While in the second university at Ritsumeikan University accepted by the Dean of the Graduate School of Policy Science Prof. Hidehiko Kanegae following by the respective faculty members Prof. Tatsuya Mikami, Prof. Kenichi Nakagami and Prof. Yoshifumi Azuma, in Indonesia Prof. Azuma is one of the prominent scholars and he can speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently.

At the both respectful visit has both parties has agreed with the concept of the development of higher education in mutual conditions. In particular, partnership was first agreed, cooperation in the field of academic publications in co-publishing. Second, joint research with followed by writing joint research proposals together to get funding support from the third parties in order to improve the academic circumstances in ongoing research model. Third, information exchange in the field of culture to evoke the spirit of Asian feeling. Fourth, the academic exchange both parties regularly send each academic staff and students at the graduate level for teaching and learning activities together. Fifth, cooperation in establishing a graduate program in the field of policy and public affairs and managed by consortium model. At the point five, which is attractive from any side. More over Universitas Ngurah Rai has a positive addition value to have Prof. Azhari as the Postgraduate Program Director as well as President of the international organization APSPA.

Prof. Azhari further emphasized that, “cooperation with all parties, and cross-cultural, and believe in the local level or internationally will increase the positive image of to the institution to be more well known, referred and trusted.” In the same statement, Prof. Azhari continued that, “the global trend of higher education is the nature of openness and ready to work with various stakeholders to improve the quality, then the results of the official visit at the invitation of two universities in Japan is that the UNR existence has been known and recognized by the international academic community.”

In other statement. Dr. Ni Putu Tirka Widanti asserts that, “PPs UNR administration science program has been recognized as a forerunner to the center of excellence in Bali that wafted up to the prestige abroad, at least the information is obtained after a team of Japanese universities see academic performance and academic activities are held.”

As for Dr. Abdullah Sumrahadi who stressed the importance of “the realization of a triple-helix model cooperation, to extent how educational institutions (universities), business, and government is able to join hands, because it is exactly what the three models are able to drive the transformation of the policy are equally useful, it is appropriate the doctrine as a university as the open house for civilization.” Finally, hopefully with the results of the academic visit and cooperation could be bring positive results for the progress.