Our Services

We are provide training services on financial management, taxation, human resources, marketing and strategic management, the making of manual guidelines on taxation for private and pubcli sectors, strategic planning and software or system design in the following details:

  1. Financial management
    • Regional financial accounting
    • Fixed assets management
    • Audit management
    • Regional owned enterprise financial management
  2. Taxation
    • PPh
    • PPN
    • Tax management
    • Project Leader and Treasurer Tax Project
  3. Human resources
    • Leadership
    • Working culture
    • Working discipline
    • Human resources planning
    • Local state owned enterprise performance and regional organization
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Job analysis and workload analysis
    • Local government performance studies
  4. Marketing and Strategic Planning
    • Regional state owned enterprise marketing
    • Strategic planning
    • Service marketing
    • Product marketing
    • Social marketing
    • Customer satisfaction