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A Master of Public Administration is a degree designed for future leaders and managers of public
organization in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The degree is meant for sharpening the idea on
civil service and management career in public administration. With a focus on key disciplinary and
interdisciplinary perspective on public administration, integrating theory and practice is an effective way
to your leadership and management career in public administration.

Taught by national and internationally-renowned researchers and teachers in developing passionate
solutions regarding public finances, human resources, and leadership as well as any other emerging
managerial complexities in public institutions. National teachers background is from the expert of Public
Service and Professors of Public Administration such as the Chief commissioner of Indonesian Civil
Servants et cetera and International teachers such as a Professors from Top University Thailand
(Thammasat University) et cetera. Some of our teachers also become central administrator of the public
administration association in Indonesia.

Every year we take our students for excurse study abroad to compare and giving knowledge the public
policy between Indonesia and other countries. Most of students work in government and legislative and
have become officials in their agencies.

Related disciplines: :

  • Public Administration
  • Civil Servant Administration
  • Education Administration
  • Tax Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Tourism Policy Administration
  • Disaster Management Administration

Enhance your leadership and management capabilities with a degree in public administration
from Master of Public Administration Graduate School Universitas Ngurah Rai.


Learn vital aspects of the Indonesian and international legal systems with Universitas Ngurah Rai’s Grad
School Master of Laws. The Master of Law designed to provide an advanced level study for those who
are legal practitioners or engaged in other full or part time employment. The course develops advanced
legal research and writing skills and enhances the ability of students to critically evaluate complex legal
issues within a global context.

Master of Law (LLM) offers courses that provide detailed analyses of particular areas of law, as well as
courses that are more policy-oriented. The LLM by research allows you to conduct in-depth study in an
area of personal interest to enhance employment opportunities either professionally or academically.

Most of our teachers are Professors and Doctors which is expert in the Law area and our students are
mostly from legal practitioners, police and Immigration staffs.

Related disciplines: :

  • Criminal Law
  • Business Law
  • Constitutional law

Advance your degree at Master of Law Grad School Universitas Ngurah Rai while getting the
added edge to compete in today's legal marketplace!

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